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Department Of Physics:

         The Department of Physics is a teaching/ research department of the University. It offers courses to M.Sc., M.Phil. And Ph.D. degree. The department lays stress on colloquia and seminars in which, apart from the faculty, participation from the research students is encouraged. Scientists and experts from various organizations and institutions outside the University are also invited. Teaching and research activities are mainly in the following disciplines. Atomic Physics and Molecular Physics; Condensed Matter/Materials Science; High Energy Physics; Laser Physics; Nuclear Physics; Plasma Physics and controlled Thermonuclear Fusion.
          The department enjoys teaching and research collaboration with the Departments of Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Mathematics within the University and PINSTECH, DESTO, NIE, CTRL and CTC, and outside. The members of the faculty are highly qualified with long experience of teaching and research in their respective fields of specialization. The main teaching and research activities of the Department are in the following disciplines. Atomic Physics and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter/Materials Science, High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Laser Physics and Quantum Optics, Low Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion.
          The department has Atomic and Molecular Physics Lab, Magnetism and Superconductivity Lab, Material Science Lab, Plasma Physics Lab, Semiconductor Lab and Thermal Physics Lab for research purposes. Future programs for research in Physics include High Temperature Superconductivity, Plasma Physics and Technology, Materials Physics, Atomic Molecular and Laser Physics etc.





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