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Department Of Earth Sciences:

        The department of Earth Sciences was established in 1973 to produce qualified trained manpower in specialized areas of Geophysics and Geology. This was considered essential in view of expanding programs of exploration of natural resources, particularly for Oil and Gas, Minerals & Groundwater. Further areas of priority are the seism city or earthquakes, environmental studies and crystal studies.
         This department is only teaching institute in Pakistan which awards degree (M.Sc., M.Phil. & Ph.D.) in Geophysics and Carbonate Sediment logy. One semester of M.Sc. and two semester of M.Phil are reserved for research work. Field and laboratory instruments available for research include Gravity meter, Magnetometers (for measurement of total and vertical intensity) Tetrameter, Hydro logger, Seismic Data Acquisition system, Georadar, XRF, XRD, AAS and machines for lapidary work. This department is also running Ph.D. program in Geophysics and Geology.
         The department has produced more than 200 graduates in Geophysics who are working in OGDC, WAPDA, FATA, SDA, Punjmin, Schlumberger, and other various national and international organizations.










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