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This site is created by  two students of Quaid-i- Azam University towards  their completion of  Postgraduate Diploma in  Computer Science.

Class Group Photo on an Occasion


              We want to thank our Director, Computer Centre, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad and our course & project supervisor, Mr. Javed Hussain, for their support and guidance towards this project. We would also like to thank all the departments who cooperated with us in the collection of data and valuable information for this site.


              We have tried to develop this site as a model for future additions and developments as this is the first complete Web Site of this University.


      In last but not least we would like to thank our friends and classmates who have given us their ideas and suggestions to make this site as it is today.


              You are welcome to give any suggestions and ideas regarding this site.


                                                  MUHAMMAD AAMER.
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                                            IMRAN SHARIF BUTT.






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