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Masters In Biology
(Molecular Biology)

Course Description  Applying  Faculty List  Job Opportunities


Course Description/List:


              A Student is required to achieve a total of 60 credits for this course (four Semesters of 15 credits each) from the following list of compulsory and optional courses as offered by the department from time to time.


Course Code

Title of Course


   Bio-301 Biochemistry-I 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-302 Cell Biology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-303 General Genetics 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-304 Biometry 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-306 Evolution 4 Credit Hours



Course Code

Title of Course


   Bio-B-501 Biochemistry-II 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-502 Enzymology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-503 Protein Chemistry 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-504 Molecular Biology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-505 Principles of Gene Manipulation 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-506 Nucleic acids 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-509 Research Techniques and Methods of Instrumental Analysis 2+2 Credit Hours



Course Code

Title of Course


   Bio-B-601 Microbial Physiology & Biochemistry 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-602 Molecular Endocrinology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-603 Biomembranes 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-604 Plant Biochemistry 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-605 Virology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-606 Clinical Biology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-607 Vitamins and Hormones 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-608 Fermentation Technology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-609 Oncogenes & Growth Control 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-610 Biophysics 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-611 Immunology 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-637 Cell Organelles 3+1 Credit Hours
   Bio-B-650 Radiobiology 3+1 Credit Hours





          Admissions are opened twice a year for this course. Admissions are given only on   Self-Financed  basis  in August while in December-January admissions are given on Regular as well as on Self-Financed basis.The University shall call for these admission applications through proper media each year.

  • Candidate with Bachelor Degree requiring more than two years intermediate or professional degree for example: B.Sc. Engineering,/B.E./MBBS/B.Sc. Agriculture, B.Sc. Pharmacy, BCS Computer Science, B.ED., etc are not eligible.
  • Ten seats will be given strictly on merit on Self-Finance basis in Spring semester admissions.
  • One seat in each department of the University has been reserved for admission of the children of Shaheeds/Disabled of Army Personnel of Indo/Pak War 1965 and 1971 and would be offered on the nomination of G.H.Q.
  • One seat is reserved for Minorities for admission in each department of the University subject to production of certificate from the institution last attended that the candidate belongs to the Minority Community.

         The application forms can be collected from Manager, Bookbank/Book Shop of the University by paying a fee of Rs.100/-. Those wishing to apply shall have to submit properly filled-in admission application forms to the admission office of the University by the last date advertised for such a purpose.

          Merit Lists for this course will be displayed on the notice board of the concerned department and successful candidates will have to pay the dues before the last date mentioned in the list, otherwise their seats will stand cancelled and these seats will be given to a candidate from waiting list in order of merit. 

          Eligibility Criteria for this course is:

  • B.Sc. with two of the following subjects:
    Botany, Zoology, Chemistry.
  • The department offers three specialization i.e. Plant Science, Animal Science and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology for which the candidates may apply as separate options.
  • Independent merit list will be determined for each of these specification and no change of discipline will be allowed afterwards.
  • The candidates applying for Biochemistry/Molecular Biology must have studied Chemistry at the B.Sc. level.
  • Candidate with B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology are not eligible.

          Merit formula for this course is:

FTM = 800 ( MOF/TM + MOB/TM ) + NCC + HQ


FTM     = Final Total Marks.
MOF     = Marks Obtained in Intermediate Certificate.
MOB     = Marks Obtained in Bachelor's Degree.
TM      = Total Marks in the Relevant Examination.
NCC     = National Cedit Corps (20 Marks)
HQ      = Hafiz-e-Quran (20 Marks).



  • Candidates who are more than 26 years old shall not be eligible for admissions unless relaxation is granted by the Vice Chancellor for special reasons on the recommendations of the Chairman.
  • Candidate who has graduated 18 months before the date of application must explain what he has been doing during this period.
  • In case of incorrect information/concealment of facts, University will have the right to refuse/cancel an admission or expel a student.
  • Copies of the following documents should accompany the application:
  1. Matric Certificate.
  2. Intermediate certificate and Detailed Marks Certificate.
  3. Bachelor's degree and Detailed Marks Certificate.
  4. Domicile Certificate of the Candidate.
  5. No Objection Certificate (in case of in-service candidate).
  6. N.C.C. certificate (if applicable).
  7. Certificate for Hifzi Quran.
  8. I.D. Card.
  • Originals must be produced later, when required.
  • N.C.C. and H.Q. credit of 20 marks each will be added as given in the formula.
  • Candidate finally selected for admission will be required to produce a Migration Certificate (in original) on joining the University.
  • Candidates having obtained certificates/degrees from Foreign Universities / Institutions should provide equivalence certificate and conversion of Grades into marks from University Grants Commission, Islamabad/Inter Board Committee of Chairman in case of Matric and Intermediate level certificates.
  • Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.


             The following Sample On-line Application Forms are not yet operational but in near future you will be able to apply through them.


Click ADMISSIONS  for more information about admission procedures


Faculty List:


Dr. Mahmud Ahmad


Dr. M. Maqbool Ahmed
Dr. Mrs. A. S. Qureshi



Dr. Tahira Ahmad
Dr. S. A. Shami
Dr. Samina Jalali
Dr. M. F. Chaudhary



Mr. M. I. Dar
Dr. Muhammad Ashraf
Dr. Abdul Hameed
Dr. S. A. Malik
Dr. K. S. Ahmad
Dr. M. A. Khan
Dr. Naheed Fatima
Dr. N. Ayub
Dr. K. Zaheer
Dr. M. Shahab
Dr. Rizwana Aleem Qureshi



Dr. Safia Ahmad


Job Opportunities:

                  The Students who have completed this course find very lucrative job opportunities in the private sector as well as in the government sector.There are three kinds of specialization's being offered in Biology in this University and usually the output of each category finds the job that best suits their skills and approach. In addition to different organizations in the Government sector, the graduates of this course are being employed by such reputable organizations like IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature), HDIP (Hydrocarbon Institute of Pakistan), NARC (National Agriculture Research Council) and many other non-government organizations.Several young teachers and Ph.D. students of the Department also have an opportunity to proceed abroad for research under the DAAD or on Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Click here for Career Guiding Office of Quaid-i- Azam University.



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