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Department Of Defence & Strategic Studies:

        The Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, established in 1980, offers M.Sc. program. As some of the students come from the officers of Armed Forces, it provides a unique opportunity for an intellectual interaction between the civilian and armed forces personnel. Thereby it has made a significant contribution through the development of such an expertise, which is equipped with the requisite academic ability for evaluation of national, regional and international strategic environment and policies. The faculty coordinates in course of study/teaching at the National Defence College, Foreign Services Training Institute, Staff College, Quetta and Joint Services Staff College.
          The department continues in close liaison with the Armed and other national Institutions in the related fields. The department Faculty in addition to its regular teaching, contributes research articles to various professional journals and delivers lectures at the National Defence College, Foreign Services Academy, and Joint services staff college. Since 1989, four faculty members have attended a six week seminar on "Conflict Research" in the department of Peace and Conflict resolution at Uppsala University in Sweden.









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