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Course Description:


           Each student must earn 24 credits in 600 level courses from the study program prescribed by the academic council and write a thesis equivalent to 26 credits based on original research findings. The coursework requirements will be met with the following frame work:

  • One semestry Micro Theory.
  • One semester Macro Theory.
  • Applied Econometrics.
  • Any there approved 600 level courses.

          Each course shall be of 4 credits and 100 marks, of which 50 marks shall be for class assignment and tests and 50 shall be reserved for the terminal examination.


          At the end of the course work, the department will evaluate the potential candidacy of each department in term of M.Phil. and Ph.D. At this stage the department will determine and advise weather a student who has secured at least 65% marks in M.Phil. course work should switch over to the Ph.D. course work or to continue for his/her M.Phil degree and he/she will be asked to submit an M.Plil. thesis and shall be awarded M.Phil degree thereafter.


Course Code

Title of Course


   E600 Topic in Advanced Microeconomc Analysis. 4 Credits
   E601 Capital and Growth 4 Credits
   E610 Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics 4 Credits
   E611 Topics in Advanced Monetry Economics 4 Credits
   E612 Public Sector Economic 4 Credits
   E615 Workshop on Research Methodology 4 Credits
   E620 Topics in Development Economic 4 Credits
   E621 Plnning Techniques 4 Credits
   E624 Topics in Regional Economics 4 Credits
   E630 Topics in Advanced International Trade 4 Credits
   E640 Tpics in Agricultural and Resource Development 4 Credits
   E650 Optimization Techniques in Economics 4 Credits
   E652 Applied Econommetrics 4 Credits
   E660 Applied Economics 4 Credits
   E681 Human Capital Formation and human Resource Development 4 Credits




          Admissions are opened twice a year for this course normally in January and August.The University shall call for this admission applications through proper media each year. M.Phil program shall be open only to persons selected as Junior Research Assistants by the University.To be eligible for selection as a Junior Research Assistant, a candidate:        

  • Must have good character.
  • Must have obtained 1st division in M.Sc./B.Sc.
  • Should not have obtained 3rd division in B.A./B.Sc. or M.A. /M.Sc.
  • In case of a 3rd division in F.A./F.Sc. the candidate should have obtained 1st division in both B.A./B.Sc. and M.A./M.Sc.

          The application forms can be collected from Manager, Bookbank/Book Shop of the University by paying a fee of Rs.100/-. Those wishing to apply shall have to submit properly filled-in admission application forms to the admission office of the University by the last date advertised for such a purpose.

          Eligibility Criteria for this course is:

  • M.A/ M.Sc. degree in Economics from any recognised University. (M.A./ M.Sc. in agriculture Economics & Home Economics are not eligible.

          Each JRA shall be selected on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined from previous academic record and written and oral tests. The allocation of marks for determining merit shall be as follows:-

Academic Record 55 marks
Admissions Test 35 marks
Interview 10 marks
  • Table showing distributions of marks allotted to the academic record shall be as under:

    1st Division

    2nd Division

    3rd Division

    M.A./M.Sc. 20

    to be Distributed according to % of marks obtained

    B.A./B.Sc. 20 13 Zero
    F.A/F.Sc. 15 10 Zero
  • The selection of each JRA shall be approved by the advanced studies and research board after a candidate has qualified in the written and interview conducted by the Selection Committee of the department concerned.
  • The Selection Committee for each Department shall be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor in consultation with the Chairman of the Department.



  • In case of incorrect information/concealment of facts, University will have the right to refuse/cancel an admission or expel a student.
  • Copies of the following documents should accompany the application:
  1. Matric Certificate.
  2. Intermediate certificate and Detailed Marks Certificate.
  3. Bachelor's degree and Detailed Marks Certificate.
  4. Master's degree and Detailed Marks Certificate.
  5. Character Certificate from the institution last attended.
  6. Domicile Certificate of the Candidate.
  7. No Objection Certificate (in case of in-service candidate).
  8. I.D. Card of Candidate.
  • Originals must be produced later, when required.
  • Foreign students must route their applications through the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan.


  • M.Phil program shall be open only to persons selected as Junior Research Assistants by the University.
  • The requirements for the M.Phil. degree shall normally be completed within four consecutive semesters.
  • The requirements for the M.Phil. degree shall comprise Course work and Dissertation.
  • The course credit shall normally be completed within the first two semesters. The course requirements for each department shall be 24 credits.
  • Dissertation of 26 credits based on research shall normally be completed by the end of the fourth semester.
  • A course of one credit mean one hour of s.
  • The chairman of each department shall forward within seven days of  the commencement of the semester classes all the registration of courses cards to the Controller of Examinations. The JRA can change/drop course(s)within fifteen days from the date of commencement of semester on the recommendations of the teacher and the Chairman of the Department concerned.
  • A JRA must register in at least 50% of the credit courses in the first semester and the remaining credits in the second semester.

                The following Application Forms are not yet operational but in near future you will be able to apply through them.This form should be printed and filled in triplicate and submitted before the due date and according to the procedure laid down by the University for that purpose.

Click ADMISSIONS  for more information about admission procedures


Faculty List:


Dr. M. A. Chaudhary



Dr. M. Aslam
Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed



Dr. Aliya H. Khan
Dr Abid Aman Burki
Mrs. Nishat Sohail Malik
Dr. M. Tariq Javed
Dr. Mushtaq A.Khan



Mrs. Shafqat Shehzad
Mr. Najmi Yousuf
Mr. M. Sarfraz Lashari

Job Opportunities:

            The Demands for true and dedicated professionals in the field of Economics is growing rapidly in the prevailing job market. Almost every organization is looking for the Professionals which can take them to the top of whichever sector they are competing in. This course of Economics in Quaid-i-Azam University is prepared keeping in view the demands of the job market. This is the reason that almost all the graduates from this course find the job opportunities according to their learned skills and approach.
            The graduates of this course are offering their services mostly in the Government as well as in the Private sector  which is offering very lucrative job packages for them. Some also find job prospects abroad in reputable International Economic and Financial organizations. The students also have an opportunity to proceed abroad for further studies and research work in this field.

Click here for Career Guiding Office of Quaid-i- Azam University.


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