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Research In Electronics

Credit and Default Rate in Pakistan.
Mr. Tariq Saire
Cropping Pattern and Food Self Sufficiency in Pakistan.
Aamir Akbar Mittro
Development of software for mobile communications system.
Yousaf Ali Khan
Quantum theory of Multiwave mixing: Effects of finite Bandwidth.
Abdul Hameed Toor
P.C. based L.C.R meter.
Muhammad Ishaque.
Design of nonlinear adapter filters.
Muhammad Abdullah
Adaptive noise cancellation using single sensor
Imran Maqsood
Motion analysis and object  recognition in uniform background images.
Tenzeme    Muzaffar
Radiation by lying sources in buried and covered regions.
Mohammad Junaid
Non linear LMS algorithm. 
Ghulam Abbas
Object detection and recognition using color and shape analyze.
Syed Zain-ul-Iqbal
RS-232 port based analog to digital converter .
Imran Maqsood
Kamran Ali






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