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Research In Physics



The measurement of the contract potential difference between Aluminum(AL) and some noble metals.
Shamshad Akhtar Awan
Analysis of Laser induced plasma from metals.
Munir Ahmed
Non-Linear wave propagation in hot Plasma.
Nucleon-Antinucleon decay at rest.
Skindar Azam.
Fabrication of a Plane diffrection grating by holographic technique.
Javed Sardar Khan
Compton Scattering in second quantization.
Parveen Akhtar siddiqi
Spin Waves by binary magnetic alloys.
Sajjad Muhammad
Modulational instabiolity of Ion acous acousatic wave in a magnetisa Plasma.
Muhammad Salahuddin
Study of Laser induceed Plasma from solid Targets.
Muhammad Zakaullah
Analysis of Multistep Photoionization of atoms using lasers.
Sarfraz ahmed Bhatti
Computecr simulation of Physical Ststems.
Muhammad Ahsan Khan.


Neutrino spin-flip effect in collapsing stars and in the early universe.
Akhtar Hussain.
Spin as a probe of hadrone structure.
Rafoa Ali
High Resulation Photo absorption spectroscopy of Alkali Metals (Na, Rb, Cs).
M. Shafqat Mehmood
Effects of Flux Motion on the Electrical Conduction in some Granular High-Tc Superconductors Studies in Low And Moderate Magnetic Fields.
M. Munrrb Asim
Study of the Irriadiation and thermal acnnealing on transition-metal related deep levels in silicon.
Akbar Ali
Study of defect Characteristics in some technologically important compound semiconductors.
Umar saeed Qurashi
Preparation and Characterization of High-Tc Super conductors (Bi25223 Y123)
M. Maqsood.





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