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Research In History

Al-Ghazai's attack on philosophers and Ibn Rushd's response.
Kausar Parveen
Mechanisms of moralization: A case study of mystic orders in South Asia.
Tanvir Anjum
Gulf cooperation council security dimensions.
Ejaz A. Minhas
Indo-Us relations after the cold war
Iram Safia
Islam in North America
Seema Anjum Riaz
Constitutional changes and political stability in Pakistan: case of eighth ammendment.
Uzma Rehman
Islam vs nationalism the case study of Tajkistan.
Saima Ashraf Kayani
Huma Rights and United Ststes Foreign policy: a third world perispective.
Ayesha Zulfiqar
Islam versus Nationalism in Central Asia: A case study of Uzbakistan.
Z. A. Qureshi
Democratisation in Pakistan : 1985 - 94
Sarah Inayatullah
Ethnic Politics in Karachi : A case study of MQM.
Amber Saeed
Afghan Resistance : A cretical Study.
Shakil Ahmed





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