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Department Of Chemistry:


         The department of Chemistry, one of the oldest department of the University, is catering to the need of chemical skill and knowledge by our contemporary society ever since 1967. The department offers courses of teaching at M.Sc. and M.Phil levels, and research programs leading to the award of Ph.D. degrees in various disciplines of chemistry.
          The department has been divided into four administrative units, namely Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, to offer a broad ranged open choice to senior M.Sc. students to opt for a desired field of research specialization. The department is a strong seat of chemistry teaching and research, and it is hoped it would muster greater academic strength in the year to come.
          The department has been lucky enough to be supported by an academically strong faculty to teach and conduct original research work in such varied fields as surface chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, coordination chemistry, natural products, environmental chemistry, GC-mass spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometer, to name of few.








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